5 Steps to Safely Doing Oil Well Drilling

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If you have been dreaming of catching the big one and want to know where to find oil well fishing tools, you are in luck. You don’t need to be on a boat or thousands of miles from shore to find the tools you need to make your dream a reality. A little knowledge of fishing tool makes it easy for anyone to go fishing with confidence. There are basic tools that every good angler must carry on board.

The Downhole Rod

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One of the most basic oil well fishing tools is the downhole rod. This tool attaches to the top of the well with a threaded rod. You will use this rod to fish downhole as well as conventional fishing methods. There are many different types of tubing for this activity. The tubing you choose depends upon the type of fish you are trying to catch and the depth of the water you are in.

Another type of equipment you should carry on board are the coiled tubing tools. These are considered to be the most versatile fishing gear and you will use it in many situations. For example you might be using your downhole rods to fish in a pond or lake with a small pond or a large lake full of salmon. You will want to have a variety of coiled tubing tools on hand so you can catch as many fish as possible.

If you are looking for a more powerful tool, consider the techcore oil wells tool. The techcore tool will attach to your well with a hook and loop system that will allow you to draw in large numbers of fish. The hook and loop system is removable and allows you to set up to three fishing locations. If you are looking for extreme power, the techcore oil tools is what you need.

The Junk Basket

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The final piece of equipment you should consider bringing along with you is the junk basket. The junk basket is a basket with a handle on one end and a telescoping pole on the other. You attach the basket to the well with the wire from your coiled tubing tools and you will pull in the fish and recover them. Many people use the junk basket for carrying tackle boxes, but it is also a great way to carry your tools on board.

Most of the other tools you should consider bringing along include the power punch and a Venturi well pump. The venturi pump is especially handy if you are bringing along a power saw. The power punch is used to punch holes in the concrete. The venturi junk basket is useful for carrying live bait and it has a handle on one end that lets you securely pull in the coiled tubing from your well.

Wear Safety Glasses Or A Face Shield

If you are using coiled tubing tools, be sure to wear safety glasses or a face shield. Welding fumes and particles are very harmful to your eyes. You may also want to bring along some extra batteries and charger for your cordless tools. You may want to have a multi meter available as well. Most toolboxes will have multiple compartments that are good for holding items such as soldering paste, solder, and pliers. You can store these items in your toolbox along with your tools.

Summing Up

Using the right equipment is vital when you are doing oil well drilling. Safety gear is important not only for your own protection, but also for that of your crew. You may want to do some research online to see what type of gear is the safest to use when doing oil well drilling. You may find that some of the gear is unnecessary, but if you plan on doing any drilling in the dark, you might as well make sure you have everything you need.

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