Best Fishing Guide In ARK You May Need

A man standing next to a body of water

ARK fans love fishing in this game, and it is interesting to fish in the ark to get various advantages. Most people go fishing to catch some fish, but you can get much more things in it apart from fish. Sometimes people get various weapons, arms, and rare items, which means it is a great activity to catch some rare things and improve your game. However there are some chances that you may not get anything, but you can enjoy fishing with your friends and have a good time. If you are equipped with all the essential things and know how to catch fish in an ark, there is no chance that you will not get any fish or rare items. Therefore, please read our article about the best fishing guide in the ark to catch fish and rare items and build up your performance.

Essential Things You Need; Fishing Guide In ARK

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When you think about fishing, the first thing you need and should carry is a fishing rod. However, if you are 1 level, you cannot go fishing and purchase a fishing rod, so you must pass the 17 levels to acquire a fishing rod. Make sure to have at least 15 Engram Points to unlock your fishing rod and add craft to it according to your wish. To customize your fish with a unique style, you need 12 wood, 59 fiber, and 20 thatch, and you can flaunt your rod with your friends. Other than fishing rod you need fishing food which you have to feed.

Role Of Wooden Chair In ARK Fishing

A man standing next to a body of water

When you go fishing, you need to buy a wooden chair to rest and catch fish. Along with a wooden chair, you need a wooden bench and Pelagianism, which you will find inside the water. When you want to make a wooden chair, you need various resources; however, you need the least resources that are readily available in this chair. First of all, you need to be at 19 levels to make a wooden chair for yourself, and you have to spend 6 Engrams of points to unlock your favorite wooden chair. To craft one wooden chair in ARK, you need to collect 14 fiber, 18 thatch, and 30 wood.

Getting Bait For Fishing; Fishing Guide In ARK

Fish come near your hook when they see a bait, so it depends on what bait you choose. Different fish gets attracted to different baits like coelacanth is attracted to the bait of Sap. If you use leech blood as bait, you can catch piranha and Sabertooth Salmon. If you want to catch large fish, you should use Giant Bee Honey as bait. Using giant bee honey as bait can catch some rare items and benefit from it.

Summing Up

At last, you should find a perfect place where you can get clear water to see fish under the water, which will make your work easier. Try fishing in redwood or hidden lake and you will find rare items and the best fishes.

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