Different Species Of Fish: You’ll Be Amazed By Their Number

In oceans and seas, there are a lot of different fish species found by the fishermen. In ponds and lakes, fishes are not of a wider range. However, oceans, seas, and gulfs have a lot of species that are used for eating and rearing in the aquarium. Fishes are transported all over the world for rearing in aquariums.

Most Common Species Of Fish

Some of the most common and easily found species of fishes are discussed below.

Anchovies and sprats: These are small, long and thin fish with 10-15 cm long. This species generally thrives in the temperate zone. Generally, it is present today in the European continent.

Angler Fish, One Of The Strangest And Curious Fish
Different Species Of Fish: You’ll Be Amazed By Their Number

Basa: It also has another name, which is river cobbler that is mainly present in the water bodies of Europe as Panga. This is a rare species that looks mostly like catfish. Catfish is a native to Vietnam and Thailand. On the other hand, Basa or Panga are mainly in the freshwater of the UK.   

Catfish: This is a fish species generally present in Vietnam and Thailand, and rears itself in large amounts. Atlantic catfish or the wolfish are also a notable names in that same regard. This is fearsome looking and often kept in aquariums. They eat small fishes sometimes.

Clams: clams are of various types. It looks like a stone. Sometimes, it appears like a cut-throat razor. Many people keep it in aquariums. Clams as food remain true for many in Europe as well.

Cockles: This is a species of fish that rears itself in estuaries, bays, and inlets. They love to hide from fishermen. Moreover, many people tend to consume them. Their behavior is somewhat similar to clams and they look beautiful with their color and shape. This is actually a type of shellfish.

Common Fish Species For Meals

Cod: It’s present in many parts of the world. Their livers give out a special type of oil to make medicines. Their liver oil is in use for cooking purposes as well. They have a tapered body and they are widely available in seas and oceans. They are sometimes for rearing in rivers.

Different Species Of Fish: You'll Be Amazed By Their Number
Different Species Of Fish: You’ll Be Amazed By Their Number

Prawns: These are present in cold water in North and South Atlantic. They have more than eight subspecies. People mostly consume prawns by almost every part of the world because of their good taste.    

Almost every part of the world has fish lovers. People love to eat fish with different meals. The species under mention are commonly present everywhere in the world. They are exported to different countries from the places where their rearing is more in number. There are almost 20,000 species of fish available for discovery by people so far. Oceans contribute a large part in providing species of fish.

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