High-Quality Thumb Screw That Is Convenient to Connect to Your Camera! Limited Stocks Only Don’t Miss

Screwdrivers that come with tall headed or ridged sides, key-like flat sided vertical heads are known as thumbs screw. These screws can easily be loosened and tightened without using any external drive just by using your hands. There are many types of thumbscrews.

A thumbscrew acts as a fastener, its main feature is that it has an oversized head. The thumbscrews have diamond-shaped or knurled anchors that finish along with large wing-like blades. This large wing-like blade enables the screw to be used as per the requirement. 

Rivets are one of the types of thumbscrews that are most commonly used in applications where objects need frequent reinstallation. Mostly it is used in electronic devices as it is the case of safety. Almost in every application thumb screws are used as bolts. A screw is a pointed shape and used to develop its threads, the thumbscrew is a blunt-nosed bolt that is tightened into threaded holes. 

High-Quality Thumb Screw Aluminum Camera Tripod

These thumb screw camera tripods are very well-built and robust with precision threads that fit perfectly. If you need these for microphone stands that had 3/8th sized screws but had accessories I wanted to use that had 1/4 in mounts. These adapters will do the trick in spades and are VERY secure. The brass construction of the adapters should make these last forever.

From my point of view, I will give these thumb screw camera tripods a strong five-star rating on a scale of five. Invest in these once and you wouldn’t hesitate for a second after buying them again if you needed more. I can honestly and VERY heartily recommend these especially because of the price range. Get these amazing thumb screw camera tripods right now. 


  • Brand Name: GloryStar
  • Compatible Action Camera Brand: NIKON
  • Model Number: GOPRO MOUNT
  • Type: Straps & Mounts
  • Bundle: Bundle 1
  • Name: Go pro Accessories
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: approx. 56 g
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  • The material used in making this camera tripod is an aluminium alloy that makes it lightweight and also durable enough to hold your camera. 
  • This camera tripod can be released from the mount without any difficulties. 
  • This camera tripod is made of high-quality materials so it will not easily fall when the roads are bumpy. 
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  • These thumbscrews rip right through certain materials that make them poor fastener, weak and thin woods. 
  • Similar materials may allow screw heads to sink. Softwoods like balsa will also sink or dent under the pressure caused by thumbscrews. 


The basic advantage of thumbscrews is that they are easily installed and removed without the help of any external screws. Invest in these thumbscrews as they are of supreme quality and will not disappoint you.

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