Ice Fishing: Everything You Need To Know I Top Tips

Ice Fishing: Everything You Need To Know

Ice Fishing: Everything You Need To Know

In countries where cold temperatures predominate and it is common to run into rivers and completely frozen lakes, it is usually a practice known as ice fishing, or also known in English as ice fishing. It is, neither more nor less than a type of fishing whose peculiarity lies in the fact that the fisherman must cut a layer of ice to catch the pieces that move through the water that is not frozen.

Ice Fishing: Everything You Need To Know
Ice Fishing: Everything You Need To Know

The Requirements Of Ice Fishing

Very frequent in places like Lapland or Finland, you need the person in question to carry something to cut an ice block to leave a hole. That is the place where you will introduce the fishing rod thread to catch all the fish that move under it. It requires a lot of patience, as well as endurance due to the very low temperatures, but it is one of the most original and distinct manifestations of an ancestral activity.

The Risks In The Activity

However, it also carries its risks. Before launching to practice ice fishing, it is important to check several things, such as the thickness of the ice sheet that covers the extension of water is large enough to support the weight of one or more people next to the equipment they carry and the pieces May they capture. Ensured this, it is also very important to know that the movements have to be done smoothly and without any suddenness, since there are likely to be areas where the frozen layer is less thick and may increase the risk of breaking.

It is practiced in a few countries, since it requires very specific climatic conditions, in addition to geographical, low temperatures to freeze lakes, lagoons or rivers of an important width. But, that is why it is still an activity that has both its sports and commercial branches.

Materials And Utensils In Ice Fishing

Make a hole in the ice to fish. The first thing you need to be able to not only succeed but also be able to practice ice fishing without having a bad time is to wear good warm clothes. The fisherman will spend a lot of time still in a place where temperatures are anything but friendly, so it is important, in addition to wearing several layers, also wear some kind of thermal garment to better combat the cold. Of course, gloves and hat are indispensable.

As for the utensil to open the hole in the ice, what is most used is a specialized drill, it is a kind of tourniquet of more than a meter high that the user digs into the icy surface of the water and turns through a Simple crank system to rotate and pierce the ground. Given the thickness of this apparatus, the resulting hole has perfect diameter to introduce the thread and to be able to remove the captured pieces without any problem.

Ice Fishing: Everything You Need To Know
Ice Fishing: Everything You Need To Know

How Rods Play Their Roles

For its part, the rod is usually fairly small in size. It is usual for the fisherman to place himself practically above the hole. It is not necessary to have a rig too large, nor is it that the thread is of many meters. Since the line is not going to launch itself into a river or a swamp, it is only enough that it has a medium-low length so that it fulfills its task well. Enough to be able to lower the hook enough, as this will allow you to reach areas with hotter water, where the fish will be.

The hooks should be very light and, if possible, they should also carry some type of larva as bait because of how easy it is to extract once a piece is captured.

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