Professional Fisherman: Using Colors To Attract Bass

Professional Fisherman: Using Colors To Attract Bass

There are thousands of fishermen around the world who love fishing, but I have yet to meet one that is a professional fisherman. I think there are very few people in this world that enjoy fishing, but not everyone is a professional fisherman. Most people, when they see a fish, they want to throw it back out into the water. This is not because they don’t like fishing, but more because they don’t know what to look for so that they can catch that fish.

Start Looking For Fishing Lures To Be A Professional Fisherman

If you want to be a professional fisherman, or at least an excellent recreational fisherman, then you need to start looking at fishing lures and fishing baits. They may seem like a boring subject, but if you know how to use them, then you will learn a lot of new tricks in the process.

Depth is a big part of this area. You want to know if the current is moving you towards the fish or away from the fish. It is pretty easy to figure out by using your GPS to measure the depth of the water. You can do this by hitting “advanced” on your GPS and selecting “water depth.”

Professional Fisherman: Using Colors To Attract Bass
Professional Fisherman: Using Colors To Attract Bass

Consider The Colours Of The Fishing Lures: Professional Fisherman

Another thing you can do when looking at fishing lures is kept an eye on the color. If it is a very bright orange color, then you may want to stay away from that lure, unless of course, you plan on targeting a small fish, which means it will take a much bigger lure.

Now that we know where the current is going and how the colors are looking at the depth let’s move on to the color. There are many different colors available, but I am going to go over the main three. The common colors used are gray, black, and white.

Gray Lures: Professional Fisherman

Gray lures are the most popular, mainly because it can make you stand out from the fish, but can also make it hard for the fish to locate you. They are usually used by the right bitmap or with the right rod and reel combination.

Black Lures

Black lures are considered the best for trolling and are great for fishing in the shallows. While it will take you longer to get to the fish, if you can get that fish, you will be very happy.

Professional Fisherman: Using Colors To Attract Bass
Professional Fisherman: Using Colors To Attract Bass

White Lures

White lures are probably the best all-around fishing lures, but if you don’t know what you are doing and aren’t using a proper tackle box or trolling reels, you could end up getting hit by an eel, or a squid. Moreover, white lures should only be used for fishing where you know you are in the right place, and that it is where the fish are.

You can also consider using color in the water to attract the fish. The main reason for this is that you will be moving so slow when fishing, you will be very difficult to spot. This can be useful in fishing for “snapper,” but it is not the best for most types of fish.

Fishing For Giant Bass

When fishing for giant bass, remember that they like to sit in shallow water and wait for you to come along. You can try to match the color with the background, and get a lot closer to the fish, but it is more important to get the fish to the right place than it is to look good.

You will find that when fishing for bass, the reason it is not very easy to hook a fish is because of the color and the movement of the fish. If you can get close enough to the fish, you can usually hook the fish, and it is worth spending some time getting the fish to the right spot.

Final Words

One other way to use color in the water to attract the fish is when you are fishing for very large schools of fish. If you are fishing a lake, you can change your line in the middle of the night, and it will still be fast enough to get those fish to the right place.

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