Strongly Fixed with Your Camera That Would Surely Help You to Captures Every Wonderful Moments!

The Internet has changed the world and the lifestyle of people. Now, everyone has a phone and a camera to shoot videos and take photos wherever one goes. Social media and other internet platforms allow users to let update their daily lives and show off what one is enjoying. This has given rise to the new trend which is called vlogging where a vlogger would shoot the daily life or any trips that one is experiencing. Many people today do have this tendency to record while driving which is widely famous as traveling vlogs or road trip vlogs. Hence, to ensure the safety of riders while riding and to ease the recording purpose, here is an amazing product which is called the curved mounting bracket for helmet camera which would be surely the best choice for daily travelers who love vlogging and shooting while driving. Do check this amazing product out if vlogging has become a passion. 

Curved Mounting Bracket For Helmet Camera

The curved mounting bracket for the helmet camera is from the brand Neelu. This helmet comes with a space which is called a mounting bracket that securely and safely holds one’s camera right in place without having to worry about it falling. This would be the most effective feature as one doesn’t have to worry about mounting the camera while doing the journey video shoots. It also enables one to have a clear recording experience with high stability while driving the vehicle. This is not all that it has to offer. There is more to it. It is made up of high-quality material so that it is long-term durable and it would not let the camera fall easily. The material used is silicone and this mount socket is compatible with GoPro. 

Purchase your Curved Mounting Bracket For Helmet Camera today.


  • Model Number 0213
  • Compatible Action Camera Brand GoPro
  • Type Accessories Set/Kit
  • Material Silicone
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  • It is convenient to use for recording. 
  • It is quite a budget-friendly product. 
  • It helps to have stable recording and holds the camera firmly. 
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  • It may not be suitable with every GoPro model. 
  • It is not easy to install as one needs to drill the helmet.
  • It does not come with a user guide manual. 


This amazing product which is called the curved mounting bracket for helmet camera is perfect for people who love making travel vlogs. The package comes for just nine dollars. The package includes all essential setup initials like two long screws, one short screw, one activity base, one curved base with 3m glue, one long and short link, etc. This is a quality product that every traveler must-have. Check this amazing product out and try using it to know how worth it is and how helpful it is to have.

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