Types Of Fishers Around The World

A flock of seagulls flying over a body of water

The Predatory Fisher

Types Of Fisher All Over The World
Types Of Fishers Around The World

This kind of fisher is considered a “killer”, wants to take home everything that is caught and is never satisfied even have the bag full, has heard about the catch and return but it sounds like Chinese.

The Ecologist Fisher

As a counterpoint of the predator, he wants to return all the catches he catches and always arrives empty-handed home creating doubts that he really went fishing.

The Lucky Fisher

Always taking out the largest prey, they are usually beginner fishermen who, by pure luck, fish always reach their hooks when others do not catch a cold.

The Outfitted Fisher

You do not carry hooks or hooks, the rod he has is a stick with twine and the crank of the reel is a wire, yes, then he goes asking all the material to the partner.

The Thirsty Fisher

He usually carries a large fridge full of all kinds of drinks, spends more time with a can or bottle in his hand, these can be with alcohol or not, depending on this the end of the day can be one or the other.

The Photogenic Fisher

He always has a camera in his hand, points and shoots, yes, he does not catch anything but he does not stop taking pictures of the catches of his companions, some of those captures he points to as his own.

The Family Fisher

Of the less usual, always goes with the family to fish, children, woman, mother-in-law to the dog, the fishing days usually last little and are not very quiet.

The Hunter

The SUV, hits all kinds of hunting and fishing activities, depending on the season, you go through the mountains in search of partridges or visit all the beaches for the fishing of sea breams.

The Delicate Fisher

They are those who have not put their hands in the bucket of good in life, it gives a bit of disgust to embody the worms in the hooks and is always equipped with gloves.

The Collector

If you visit his house has all kinds of collectibles related to fishing, even his box could be considered in the world’s largest lure museum, yes, he does not use any.

The Liar Fisher

Types Of Fisher All Over The World
Types Of Fishers Around The World

Rather exaggerated, they are the ones who tell stories of when they caught that black bass of three hundred kilos or one day, you know which one, a 200-kg tuna caught in the sea, there is no evidence of that.

The Buyer Fisher

As a counterpoint to the out of stock fisher, they do not lack detail and always go for the latest in fishing equipment and accessories, they are usually the best friends of the dependents of the fishing shop.

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