Types Of Fishing Bait

Types Of Fishing Bait

Most Used Fishing Bait For Inland Water Predators:

1. The Sandra Bait

It is a vinyl lure that due to the length and shape of its tail performs very striking movements for both pike and black-bass, quite effective.

2. Teaspoon Red Tuft

They exist in many different ways. Thanks to the vibrations of its shovel and the tuft of red wool in the potra it exerts a great attraction on the predators, especially in the pike.

3. Pikies Bait

Vinyl lures that mimic a fish. Light and fluorescent colors are the most used, both for pike and black bass.

Types Of Fishing Bait
Types Of Fishing Bait

The Most Used Organic Fishing Baits For The Sea, From Shore:

4. Sardine Bait

It must be prepared before use. It is completely covered with fat salt and put in the freezer at least 6 hours before use so that it takes consistency and does not fall apart when cut into small squares to hook it (fishing with a buoy). If it is to be used in large pieces, this preparation is not necessary (bottom fishing). It serves almost all types of sea fish, blacksmiths, smooth, sargos, congress, octopus, etc. This bait is very popularly used all over the world.

5. Squid

Cut into small squares for buoy fishing or larger pieces for bottom fishing, it is a very versatile bait as well.

6. American Or Korean Worm

Purchased in fishing stores for a small fee, it is a mixture of canopies and worms. Very effective for deep-sea fishing.

7. Barnacles

We can take this bait from the breakwaters of rocks on the beach and use them to fish with buoy all kinds of fish in breakwater areas.

Most Used Organic Baits For Freshwater Fishing:

8. Sweet Corn

Very used for the fishing of cyprinids and quite effective.

9. Earthworm And White Worm

Normally it is used for carp and barbel fishing but it is also widely used for black bass, biogas, trout, etc.

10. Putty Or Engodo

Types Of Fishing Bait
Types Of Fishing Bait

The diversity of this bait in the market is very wide. If we want to save a little money we can make putty at home by dipping a piece of bread and adding the ingredients we want. The ingredients usually added involves potatoes or aniseed along with some dye like the one we use for paella for example. Their use is mostly for fishing for cyprinids but also for sea fishing, depending on the added ingredients. Something that works very well in the sea is to make putty of bread with the liquid and peeling of the prawns.

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